About us

Smart-STB was founded with the belief that you shouldn’t be restricted to one provider and high monthly fees, and even worse, long-term contracts.

We also believe you deserve the simplicity of no remotes and no extra cables to clutter up your place.

In fact, Smart-STB requires no hardware at all!

Easy setup

There’s no complicated setup involved. You’ll be guided through the steps very simply, like installing a program on your computer.

Portal operated

Smart-STB provides full portal support, meaning all you have to do is pick your favorite content providers to have instant access to the service.
You get to browse by categories and genres, finding great new content you’ll love along the way.
Plus, you can still record your favorite shows AND watch full-featured Video on Demand content.
Now, all your favorite shows, movies and video content are always at your fingertips, and you don’t have to pay through the nose to get them!
It’s time to cut the cord and reap all the rewards!

Try Smart-STB completely risk-free today!

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