Emergency upgrade in all locations.

Dear clients,  First - the good news. Despite the rumours - we are not going anywhere anytime soon. We are rolling out an emergency upgrade in all locations that should address many of the issues that we having lately in some locations due to increased stress, rising abuse and demand. In case you have black screen after loading Portal (even on ... Lees verder »

11th Nov 2018
App In Demo Mode after Payment

Dear Customers we woud like to appologize to all of you where you had the problem of APP beeing in Demo Mode after you have done your Payments.  Please note we had few Servers refusing to accept new Website and this was the reason for all the problems .  We are happy to announce that now everything  is back online and all licenses are ... Lees verder »

30th Oct 2018
Dear Customers from Bulgaria.

  Please note the new APP was lunched for Bulgaria region .If you see Black screen after starting the app Please do the following: 1 . Remove the app from the TV2 . Power Off the tv from Power Plug 3 . Power ON the TV 4 . Reinstall the APP Enjoy the new version . ------------------------------------------ We expecting the app to be ... Lees verder »

29th Oct 2018
Web site and email maintenance on 30th of September and 1st of October

Dear clients,   We will be performing maintenance on our website and email thru out the weekend, in all regions (one region at a time).   While maintenance is going on, the website may be slower than usual, license transfers won't be made and ticketing system will NOT accept new tickets during that time.   It's possible that in some ... Lees verder »

30th Sep 2018
Delays in support

Dear clients,    We experience unusual high demand which causes some delays in support responces.   We are working on all urgent requests with priority.    Sorry for the caused inconvenience and thank you for understanding.   Kind regards,   Smart STB Management.                             Lees verder »

19th Sep 2018
Maintenance and app upgrades

edit 22:25 CET time: We had some unexpected hardware failire of the UK equipment (Ireland is NOT affected by this) that caused some longer service interruption than planned, however we have put the server back online and completed the maintenance for this region. Dear clients,  we will be performing some maintenance and infrastructure ... Lees verder »

11th Sep 2018
Always include order number or Software MAC before opening a ticket.

Dear clients,   In order to improve our support response times and to ensure quality service, we will please ask you to include your Order number and/or your Software MAC in your tickets.   This way we can help you fast and efficiently and you will avoid delays due to lack of information.    If you do not provide any of the required ... Lees verder »

6th Jun 2018
Check Demo (Embedded) Portal before opening a ticket.

Dear clients and partners,   While we strive to provide you with the best possible experience within the app, we can't guarantee that all providers will work equally well. That being said, please do check if the Demo (Embedded) Portal works along with all functions (Live TV, VOD movies, TV recording, time-shift, etc.) for you.   Despite the ... Lees verder »

10th May 2018
Urgent maintenance!

20 March 2018 17:15 CET: App update is complete. New 2018 TV's are now supported, Latest Tizen and WebOS included. Added Brazil and China locations, with full suport. Fixed some problems with VOD content and some specific streams that cause TV's to hang or display black screen. Also 2 major TV platforms will get the app really soon. Stay tuned ... Lees verder »

20th Mar 2018
Updates regarding STB Blocked message.

Dear clients, In case you receive STB blocked message and you are sure your Virtual MAC did NOT change, then it's most likely that your Virtual MAC is used on app like STB EMU and this will cause a block. We do NOT block anyone and have no way of knowing if you have an active Service with this Provider or not. Please read this for more ... Lees verder »

27th Feb 2018