Maintenance and app upgrades

edit 22:25 CET time: We had some unexpected hardware failire of the UK equipment (Ireland is NOT affected by this) that caused some longer service interruption than planned, however we have put the server back online and completed the maintenance for this region. Dear clients,  we will be performing some maintenance and infrastructure ... Read More »

11th Sep 2018
Always include order number or Software MAC before opening a ticket.

Dear clients,   In order to improve our support response times and to ensure quality service, we will please ask you to include your Order number and/or your Software MAC in your tickets.   This way we can help you fast and efficiently and you will avoid delays due to lack of information.    If you do not provide any of the required ... Read More »

6th Jun 2018
Check Demo (Embedded) Portal before opening a ticket.

Dear clients and partners,   While we strive to provide you with the best possible experience within the app, we can't guarantee that all providers will work equally well. That being said, please do check if the Demo (Embedded) Portal works along with all functions (Live TV, VOD movies, TV recording, time-shift, etc.) for you.   Despite the ... Read More »

10th May 2018
Urgent maintenance!

20 March 2018 17:15 CET: App update is complete. New 2018 TV's are now supported, Latest Tizen and WebOS included. Added Brazil and China locations, with full suport. Fixed some problems with VOD content and some specific streams that cause TV's to hang or display black screen. Also 2 major TV platforms will get the app really soon. Stay tuned ... Read More »

20th Mar 2018
Updates regarding STB Blocked message.

Dear clients, In case you receive STB blocked message and you are sure your Virtual MAC did NOT change, then it's most likely that your Virtual MAC is used on app like STB EMU and this will cause a block. We do NOT block anyone and have no way of knowing if you have an active Service with this Provider or not. Please read this for more ... Read More »

27th Feb 2018
New support rules: Fake tickets and wrong tickets are deprioritized.

Dear clients, we are having delays of support due to many fake and wrong tickets opened with us.   Please do always check if your Provider is online in your region before opening a ticket. In case Provider is offline - it's out of our control and we can't put them back on. Moreover - we reserve the rights to prioritize tickets of clients who ... Read More »

24th Feb 2018
Updates in Support policy for 2018

Dear clients,   In order for us to provide you with the best and fastest possible support - we are making some changes effective immediately for all support requests.   1. Our support for end-users (clients) is done only via tickets open by the actual registered client. Support requests from different accounts are ignored and tickets will be ... Read More »

29th Jan 2018
Happy holidays - promo code inside

It's that time of the year again, for most parts of the world. We want to wish you all the best thoughout the new year. For those that want to listen to the holiday spirit - we have added a Christmas themed radio in the Demo (Embedded) Portal. And to let you know that we have some very exciding things coming to the app, both for clients and ... Read More »

16th Dec 2017
Demo Portal and m3u player are under maintenance today.

Edit 3th of December 2017, 19:35 CET time: Demo Portal and m3u player maintenance is complete. Now Demo Portal is runningg latest Ministra Firmware, and has Time shift and recording enabled. Also there's a short videoclip for testing VOD capabilities of the TV like FF/RW/etc.<br /> You can record one time up to 10 minutes from the first ... Read More »

3rd Dec 2017
App may be offline for short time - doing update in all regions.

Edit 8 November 2017, 00:24 CET : App has been updated in all regions and it is now online and faster than ever.  8 November 2017, 00:01 CET time : Dear clients and partners, We are doing an application update on all locations and the app may not work on your TV for about few minutes. We expect all regions to be updated no later than 01:00 ... Read More »

7th Nov 2017