App is slow in Africa and some Asian regions.

Dear clients, We are experiencing serious abuse - app may be very slow or will not work in Africa and Asian regions. Other regions will work fine, however there may be some bugs in certain areas and we'll need some time to smooth things out. In case you experience issues, please do open a ticket and explain clearly the issue you are having. We ... Ler Mais »

30th Nov 2018
New version of all launched in UK, Ireland, Canada and Italy.

Dear clients, We have launched the very latest version of the app in the UK, Ireland, Canada and Italy.  To get the new app you'll need to unplug the TV from power for about few minutes and then start the app again. Update 18:30 CET time: Some TV's may get different Software ID (Software MAC). This is to prevent further abuse and write a ... Ler Mais »

22nd Nov 2018
Emergency upgrade in all locations.

Dear clients,  First - the good news. Despite the rumours - we are not going anywhere anytime soon. We are rolling out an emergency upgrade in all locations that should address many of the issues that we having lately in some locations due to increased stress, rising abuse and demand. In case you have black screen after loading Portal (even on ... Ler Mais »

11th Nov 2018