How to add or change my m3u playlist

  • Smart STB now has m3u playlist support

To use the app with m3u playlist, change the Portal URL to an m3u playlist and the app will load the playlist automatically.

(address shown here is fake - only for display purposes, it will not work on your TV!)

How to change Portal from Website

Login to your account. And select Try & Buy > My Licenses.

Select the TV you want to make the change.

Scroll down to Device Information and click on Portal URL management.

Make sure you put a VALID Portal or Playlist URL, otherwise app may not work.

We will check if the Portal URL is correct for you and tell you if your address is wrong.

(address shown here is fake - only for display purposes, it will not work on your TV!)


How to change the Portal


Smart STB supports m3u and m3u8 playlist generated online for all TV's that can run the app. This feature is included at no extra cost for all subscribed users that have active monthly or lifetime license. 
We recommend you to use a Portal to get best experience including Pause and Rewind of Life TV, Timeshift, Video on Demand, Recording (nPVR), Interactive radio and more (if supported by the Portal)


We do not offer or operate IPTV access, channels or providers.

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