Error accessing portal message

Error accessing portal message is displayed like shown below.

If you get this error it's most likely


  • The Portal settings are wrong.
  • Portal URL has changed - please contact IPTV Provider for up-to-date URL.
  • The Portal or the ISP network that hosts it is not available or experiencing difficulties.
  • Bad Internet connection at this time, especially if Portal is very far away from you.
  • Bad TV network/connection settings. We recommend you use the app with stable Wired (Cable) connection directly from router to the TV and NOT via WiFi/Wireless or any 3G/4G modems or routers.
  • Network restrictions - some countries regulate and block some web services. 

Please check your portal settings or contact your IPTV provider

We have no control over the IPTV Portals and networks that host them.

We do not offer or operate IPTV access, channels or providers.

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